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Mother's Day gift ideas for autism moms

Updated: Jun 13

Whether the mother has a child with autism, is a spouse to someone with autism, or is on the spectrum herself, HFA Today offers some ideas on Mother's Day gifts. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, you may need to order these online.

Autism books

Learning more about the mother, the child, or the spouse is key to managing autism symptoms. With symptoms that can affect a people's lives, some more extreme than others, such as social skills, communication skills, managing obsessions, anxiety, sensory issues and motor coordination problems, getting a good deal of information is important.

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Autism puzzle piece accessories

Any gift with autism puzzle pieces would be cool to use. Some examples include jewelry, bracelets, pillows, or even jigsaw puzzles. Perhaps the mother could wear some jewelry or would like to complete a puzzle at home to get through these tough times.

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Autism shirts

There are numerous autism shirts you can purchase online. Some examples include "Autism Awareness," "Every day is Autism Awareness Day to me," "We all belong!" and "Solving the puzzle one piece at a time." Although people aren't meeting with others much because of the pandemic, it would still be nice to have a shirt to help others accept those with autism.

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Rainbow cake

To support the autism spectrum of colours and the Autism rights movement, celebrating the holiday with a tasty rainbow cake may be a good call. If you don't live with the mother, you can purchase the cake yourself and meet virtually while eating it. Raise the cake on the screen to tribute to the hard work she has done.

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