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Autism: Your job search starts here

Updated: Jun 13

Finding a job when you have autism can be a challenge. COVID-19 has especially made job searching difficult. However, you can make the search easier. HFA Today reviews companies designed for people on the spectrum to find employment.


The European Foundation of Social Activation (EFAS) created a project named AsperIT. The project gears towards people with autism who want to work in the information technology field. AsperIT prides itself on helping people on the spectrum use their unique skills in society, which they can use in the IT workplace.

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The project's four stages are recruitment, a social expertise course, an IT course and apprenticeship.


HireAutism offers several unique features for people who sign up. These features include:

  • Accessing all open jobs.

  • Developing a profile where you can not only make sure employers notice you, but you don't even have to re-upload information when you apply for a job each time.

  • Providing resources such as resume and cover letter writing guides, possible interview questions, what to wear, whether to disclose the diagnosis to an employer and a location feature.

JVS Toronto Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Job Readiness Program

The JVS program, which caters to ages 18 to 30 on the spectrum, delivers group workshops, job preparation, job placement, one to one counselling and retention to people with autism. The services include:

  • 14-week paid work experience

  • Half-day workshops three days a week for eight weeks

  • Intake and initial assessments

  • Job coaching while at the job

  • One-to-one employment counselling

  • Job retention workshops two half-days per week and

  • Partnership with Kerry's Place Autism Services.

This highly structured program explores employer interactions, self-advocacy, workplace behaviour and workplace communication.

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Operating in 12 countries, Specialisterne focuses on competitive employment for people who have already begun careers, those who are just starting their careers and those wanting to explore opportunities and increase working experience. Specialisterne also makes sure they match a person's talents with good job opportunities.

The company stresses that people often underestimate autistic people. They want people to understand that people with autism can have exceptional skills and have unique perspectives.

Spectrum Works

Since 2017, Spectrum Works has hosted job fairs each April in support of Autism Awareness month. Their goal is to break stigmas that individuals with autism cannot contribute well to the workplace. In reality, these people can do great work when opportunities come to them.

Also, over the years, employers such as Apple, Bell, Purolator, Loblaws and to name a few, have participated in the Spectrum Works.

The Spectrum Careers

The Spectrum Careers is a web portal, which addresses employment-related issues with adults on the spectrum. The company's purposes are to:

  • Limit challenges

  • Help students connect with employers through partnerships with job searches and service providers.

  • Review how to build good employee-employer relationships and

  • Make resources for employers, job seekers and service providers to help raise autism awareness.

The Social Tree Autism

The Social Tree offers a career center where students can increase career prospects. The company delivers the following to ensure success:

  • Coach training

  • Conferences

  • Corporate career days

  • Educational development

  • Employer training

  • Financial assistance programs

  • Individual accompaniment

  • Research funding and

  • Workshops.

Next steps

If interested, don't delay. Your dream job or career may only be a few steps away.

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