For those with high-functioning autism and people who know someone with high-functioning-autism.


Autism: Your job search starts here

Finding a job when you have autism can be a challenge. COVID-19 has especially made job searching difficult. However, you can make the...

World Autism Awareness Day banner

For April 2, I decided to make a banner full of motivational quotes. This banner will not only support those on the autism spectrum who...

Say NO to the R-word

A common, hurtful word to refer to people with disabilities or anyone a person may consider as "stupid" or "lower than them" is the...

Halloween: Scary or not scary?

Here are some things I've learned to be aware of at Halloween, from my experiences over the years.

Gobble time on the spectrum

Do you have a family member with high-functioning autism? If so, here are some tips to ensure a great Thanksgiving holiday.


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