For those with high-functioning autism and people who know someone with high-functioning-autism.


Tips for starting high school with autism

Change, as mentioned in previous articles, is not an easy thing for people with autism to deal with in their lives. I talk about what the...

Autism: Enjoying camping adventures

Despite many COVID-19 restrictions in Ontario, according to the Ontario Government, campsites are open this summer. Since there is still...

Does autism affect working memory?

Does your child with autism often have difficulty following instructions? Do they need time to process what one asks them to do? Working...

Autism: Your job search starts here

Finding a job when you have autism can be a challenge. COVID-19 has especially made job searching difficult. However, you can make the...

Learning socially acceptable comments

HFA Today lists a couple of examples of what to say and what not to say in social situations to help people on the spectrum.


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