Cory Morrison


Cory Morrison was diagnosed with autism in January 1997 at 3 ½ years old after his parents noticed delays in his development. He took ABA therapy in his early years and received numerous supports in elementary school. Cory worked hard to overcome his challenges during his school years. After graduating from White Oaks Secondary School in 2011, he graduated from Sheridan’s General Arts and Science program in 2013. Cory then spent several years working a couple of positions.

While Cory still worked at his part-time grocery store job at the time, he decided to attend Sheridan’s Journalism program in 2017 because he discovered he is passionate about writing. He graduated from the program in 2019 after taking part in a magazine writing internship, almost nearing high honours.

Cory learned skills such as writing in Canadian Press style, writing in the active voice (Subject, verb, object rule), using simple language, the elements of an effective story, properly citing information, interviewing sources, designing magazine pages, taking and editing photos, using a broadcast camera, editing videos and using control room equipment.

Cory won a silver Canadian online publishing award for his article “The journey of autism services” on the Sheridan Sun in November 2018. 

Cory’s struggles and positive experiences with autism growing up, combined with the writing skills he learned in Sheridan’s Journalism program, inspired him to start an online website featuring autism-related content. He posts editorials, feature stories, human interest stories and related events in the community.

In the future, Cory hopes his site could become a potential online magazine where he could work collaboratively with others, edit their work and make a positive difference in the autism community.

When Cory is not writing, he often plays piano, presents Motivational Monday speeches on social media, extensively tracks weather patterns, goes on long walks, relaxes in his hot tub, cooks, keeps in contact with family and friends, spends time with his three cats and works at his part-time marketing assistant job.

Reach out to Cory at contact@hfatodaymagazine.com if you have any feedback or questions! He looks forward to hearing from you!